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Reflecting on 17 Years: A Journey of Growth and Success

Reflecting on 17 Years: A Journey of Growth and Success

Long time no post...

It's hard to believe it's been 17 years since I joined LinkedIn, yet here I am, finally making my first post.  As I reflect on the past almost two decades' journey, a mix of nostalgia, pride, and excitement fills me. So, what exactly have I been up to all these years? Well, let me share the highlights of this incredible journey.

In 2006, I embarked on a path that would eventually lead me to establish something remarkable: Farquharson Grant. This senior-level recruitment firm venture has grown to specialise in some of the most dynamic industries – pharmaceuticals, life sciences, biotech, technology, and communications. Our primary focus has always been to offer clients not just a service but an experience – one that's personal, responsive, and undeniably professional.

The cornerstone of our success has been our commitment to providing a comprehensive Global Executive Search and Market and Talent Mapping service. These aren't just buzzwords for us; they represent the heart of what we do. We understand that the upper echelons of these industries require a different level of attention, and that's precisely what we bring to the table.

My years in the recruitment arena have taught me a valuable lesson – that expertise and specialisation are invaluable. When you're aiming to fill critical positions at the helm of companies, a deep understanding of the industry is non-negotiable. This realisation drove us to dive headfirst into acquiring specialised knowledge that would set us apart.

As I reminisce, I can't help but feel a sense of accomplishment when I think about the notable roles we've helped fill over the years. From Senior Vice Presidents, Managing Directors, Head of Departments, Board Directors, Board Advisors, Senior Directors, and new team roll outs - each placement represents not just a successful recruitment but a partnership that helped shape the future of these companies.

Our journey hasn't just been about placements, though; it's been about building relationships. We've had the privilege of connecting with brilliant minds across these industries – individuals who drive innovation, push boundaries and leave an indelible mark on the world. Being a part of their journey, even in this small way, is an honour I treasure deeply.

Looking ahead, the path remains as exciting as ever. The landscape of the industries we cater to is in constant flux, and that's where the thrill lies. Technology continues to reshape how we operate, and innovation is the currency that buys relevance. Farquharson Grant is committed to not just keeping up but staying ahead – leveraging these changes to better serve our clients and candidates.

In conclusion, this first post on LinkedIn after 17 years is a testament to growth, resilience, and the unwavering belief in the power of what we do. From our modest beginnings to our current standing, every step of the journey has been guided by a simple principle: excellence. Here's to the years behind us, the present moment, and the exciting future that awaits – one filled with new partnerships, transformative placements, and fulfilling aspirations.

So, if you're reading this and have been a part of our journey, thank you for your support. And if you're joining us, welcome – the best is yet to come.