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Delivering Innovative Client-Centric Searches

As a premier boutique search firm, we are able to operate executive search a little differently to the the large search firms. We think big; but act small and nimble.

We’re not held back by a deep-rooted sense of ‘that’s how it’s always been done’; but can be innovative and experiment, adapting and flexing to changes in the market or our clients’ requirements. We have the freedom to tailor bespoke searches to each individual client, based on what they actually need rather than a generalised template.

But at the same time, we have the clout, the international reach, the reputation and the network to identify and place the highest-calibre candidates right across Europe and the US.

Putting ourselves in your shoes

Along with our innovation and flexibility comes our obsession with putting our clients first. We don’t want to be a remote supplier you outsource to; we want to be part of your team, embedded in your business and truly invested in achieving your vision.

Talent Profiling: Sharing your business vision

To facilitate our flexing to your needs and collaboration as a team, the first stage of any Farquharson Grant executive search requires a Talent Profiling Exercise.

We believe executive search works best when it challenges an organisation to focus on their leadership vision. Our talent profiling process involves sitting down with you to talk shop: to find out what makes your company tick, get familiar with your existing teams and structures, and how you will articulate your vision to external talent. We’ll unravel your real recruitment requirements and build a picture of the leadership talent perfect for you.

Innovative search leaving no stone unturned

Following this meticulous profiling, we leverage our unique industry knowledge and extensive networks to conduct a comprehensive executive search, underpinned by scrupulous research and smart data analysis. Our Directors carry the baton forward by meeting potential candidates to examine their experience and competencies against an agreed suite of requirements. Our shortlists stretch the boundaries, pursuing a level of diversity that challenges the obvious, but delivers the outstanding.

As ambassadors of your brand, we conduct all elements of our searches with utmost professionalism, respect and discretion; giving you complete confidence that we’ll leave no stone unturned, but with minimal disruption to the market.

In it for the long-haul

Our investment in your leadership doesn’t end with ‘you’re hired’. We believe successful executive search is more than just sourcing leaders; it’s about the long-term impact of each talent we place with you. We continue to invest in each candidate long after they have been hired, to ensure the success of their role in your team and the impact they have in driving your business forward.

Competitor mapping

There are times when you might be considering your leadership strategy, and want to understand the competitive landscape in which you operate without engaging in a full talent search. 

Dip your toes in the water by commissioning us to undertake a bespoke competitor mapping exercise. Our highly experienced team will provide confidential analysis of your marketplace and potential available talent, through discreet research into competitor organisations, whether locally, regionally or internationally.

Acquire essential knowledge and build an accurate picture of your competitor context, without sending out ripples across the industry.

"Among the Executive Recruiters I have met over the years Simon leads the field. What sets him apart is his professionalism paired with a keen understanding of the desires of his client as well as the candidate. My personal experience when being recruited by Simon was excellent. His guidance, diligence, and personal care were instrumental throughout the process. I can highly recommend Simon as an Executive Recruiter"

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